Product Review: AgeLOC™ Cleanse & Tone

The AgeLOC™ product range is revolutionary in that on a molecular level the product focuses on assisting your own genes to express itself again in a youthful state so that when the body regenerates on a cellular level, it generates younger cells, which result in youthful skin. I know this sound complicated so in layman’s terms, the focus is to address anti-aging at the core level (in your DNA) and not at a symptom level.


As my first product review, I thought I would start with the basic foundation of skin care, Face cleansing and toning.


I really enjoy a soapy face wash and the ageloc cleanse & tone fits in perfectly. With maximum two pumps you have enough soap in your hand to wash your entire face properly. Toner is included so you include this very important but tedious step in your skin care regime.



  1. Rinse your face with warm water.
  2. Pump two blobs of face wash in your hand and wash your face.
  3. Rinse with warm water (I prefer washing with a face cloth).
  4. Use morning and evening.
  5. Viola!


One bottle can last you up to two months and the packaging is compact for travel bags. I love my face wash and have one in the shower as well as next to my toothbrush for easy access and use.


Happy Days



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