The perception of perfection


In our household, I’m seen as the 100-persenter and my husband is seen as the 80-percenter. We have come to realise that as an extremist, I won’t attempt anything unless I can give it my 100%. Hubby on the other side would attempt all things even if it means it can only get his 80%.


Although I love the title of being an extremist, I have to admit that he has all the fun, as I would not attempt many things due to my perception of perfection and therefor not experience as much success as what he would. My perception of 100% has robbed me of many opportunities and much success.


In the last two months, I’ve learned that the perfect time, perfect setting, perfect level of energy and creativity only exists in my mind. The truth is anything is perfect when you get to achieve your objectives. Obviously it is best to achieve 100% in your test, but to get 80% all the time still tops to only achieving 100% once.


Instead of waiting for the perfect time, setting or attitude, lets just do it! Never before has the NIKE sign been more applicable. Let’s just do it!


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