How is your balance?


Having become a mom recently, I’ve come to realise the immense pressure of balancing being a career women and achieving super mom status. I wanted to have time to get to know our baby and still carry on with life for my happiness sake. Strapping her in a sling to me, I carried on as normal. Initially days where surprisingly pleasant, then I started to push boundaries on work time which resulted in an over stimulated baby crying uncontrollably. She ended up paying for my eagerness. Not a great feeling for a wannabe super mom. I’ve learned that there is a difference between enough time invested and too much time spend.


Work-Life Balance is personal. I know that my days of working 8-hours a day are for now over. 4-hour working days are at most what I can afford, as anything more creates an unbalance in my life. Work is not less. Time is just strategic used within my 4-hour workdays to get 8-hour work done, plus no time for Facebook! To achieve objectives, I use a single focus approach rather than trying to multi-task.


Time is “less” yet as it’s quality time invested, your work, family and life can thrive.


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