Product Review: Epoch Glacial Marine Mud


Self-control was needed with this review, simply because my husband was on a mission to make me laugh and crack up my muddy mask. I know I look very serious but we had fun with this one.


The application is simple. You literally ‘face paint’ your entire face (and neck) equally with the mud. It’s a soft mixture that hardens as it dries. You leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse off. I used a face cloth to remove it easily. My face felt cleansed and it had a “tightening” effect afterwards.


Sometimes mud masks can have an earthy smell, where this product has no “muddy” aroma. The texture is also smooth, making for a cooling sensation on application.


Waking up this morning, my skin feels a lot smoother and in fact younger!! I highly recommend this mask to anyone wanting to shed some old, dehydrated skin.


I actually bought a few of these and gave it out to the woman in my family as gifts. Feel free to do the same, as your friends and family will love you for introducing them to this product!


Happy Days



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