Relationship Investment


A successful business is like successful leadership. You can’t be a leader if you have no followers and the same with business. You don’t have a successful business if you have no customers. But how do you get followers and clients? You can’t dictate to others (well, you can, but that won’t bring you success)


Strangely, we can draw the same analogy about love. You can’t make anyone love you if they don’t want to….


The million-dollar question then remains. “How do you build a business successfully?”


It all comes down to quality time invested in your relationships. Whether it is clients, employees or loved ones. If you take stock of the most valuable things in life, its all got to do with time invested. Wine is more expensive when it’s older. Classic cars are more expensive when they are older. The largest tree in the world is the sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) in California’s Sequoia National Park and some of those trees are over 3000 years old. It all has to do with quality time invested.


To grow your business sustainably, invest quality time with clients. When they trust you, they will trust your product and business too.


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