Goodbye swinging monkey of 2016

[Setting the tone of this blog post: play and read]

We get to the end of the year, and then look back not only on what we have achieved but what we experienced and what we have survived. Last night I reminded my hubby of a restaurant experience we had exactly a year ago and we where both amazed at the fact that it was only a year ago. It felt like 3 years ago. That in itself is an indication of lots that had happened.

Personally, I was pregnant for half of the year and became a mother. It is the only thing that comes to my mind when I think of this year. I have to think really hard to remember anything else that has happened. Yes, there was business and yes there where some family stuff…. oh yes and then we bought a plot and moved houses (almost forgot about that!), but nothing else is as clear and vivid smack in the face than entering into this new phase of heightened responsibility. Masicisticly so!! The rest, a beeeeeeeeeg whirlwind blur that I sat and watched from the side.


For this gypsy girl, so many things have been turned upside down. What I believed to be true before has proven to not be the way. I  have always believed that hard work, determination and dedication would get you to your goals. So I worked hard. All I did was push myself away even further from where I wanted to be. In a moment of “screw it all” things changed. I learned that when you want things really really really badly, you won’t effing get it! You actually repel it rather than attract it. How? Well, energetically when you WANT something really badly, you vibrate with LACK (as in your mind you believe you don’t have whatever it is you want) where the real truth is that everything is at your disposal. So with wanting it so badly, vibrating at a lack frequency, you repel it all.


I learned a new level of “letting go and let God’. My biggest revelation for 2016 is that this life is one big journey. I know you have heard this before, but I want you to just let that sink in for a moment. Do you realize you will never ARIVE anywhere?………….NEVER!! Seriously!!! Not even when you leave this earth. It continues to be a journey. The other eye opener I had was what God controls and what actual say we have in this life. Yes we have free will, but it is not in the way that you think. We have free will over how you react and how your attitude is when you go through stuff, but that road is so predestined. It is only your ego that wants you to believe that it was YOU who had achieved it or steered it. It could not be further from the truth. Trust me, I battled with this one! The fact that we chase our tails at a million miles per hour should be indication enough that something is very wrong in the “free choice” world of ours. Life is not meant to be rushed, it is meant to be enjoyed. So what better way battle tactic of the ego to “occupy” our minds with the false responsibility of steering our lives. We only have control over how we think and what our attitudes are. The HOW of this life is not yours to control. True story!!


The choice you make to be of a certain mindset or attitude is what gives you a good life, or not so good life. (And your mind is a battle field, one that we enter every day) .  I had to just laugh as I realize you can go full throttle as much as you like, but at the end of the day, this is your journey and the river will flow where the river flows. You can try and row against it or let go of the paddles and just enjoy the ride. It is a predestined journey. You will NEVER EVER ARIVE. At times the water will flow slowly and you can jump out the boat and swim a bit, but at the end, you get back in and let God steer it effortlessly. And this carries on and on and on eternally… Never stopping!


And of course the more you get to know God the less you worry about the waters you are going through because you are beefed up with the big boy, where if you don’t know God, you will freak the heck out!! Monkey year has proven to be an unpredictable choppy one with an array of ups and down and many people are happy to see this one go. Be grateful as it was necessary. Very necessary. It prepared you for the year of the Rooster ahead. HAHAHAHAHA…….


This is the time to let go of your fears, know you are 100% fine and that you will be 100% fine and just enjoy the ride. The choppier the more fun!!! I mean who has ever wanted to sit in the back of a roller coaster???




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