Meat and Beetroot Salad

I absolutely love Beetroot. Mixing it in my food, drinks and salads are a must when I have a bunch available. Here is a simple recipe that will help you include these beauty beets in your diet.



As salads should be eaten fresh, our recipe is for two people:


250g Baby Potatoes (halved and boiled)

350g Beetroot (washed, cut in wedges and grilled in the oven with coconut oil)

Choice of meat – beef, chicken or gammon (hot or cold)

Choice of greens – mixed lettuce, butter lettuce, rocket or herb mix

Choice of seeds – pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds, lightly roasted in a pan

Salad dressing – Olive oil, lemon juice, chopped fennel and double cream plain yoghurt


How to make:

  1. Prepare your bowl with your choice of greens.
  2. Add your choice of meat.
  3. Add the baby potatoes and beetroot
  4. Add your choice of roasted seeds
  5. Serve with the salad dressing on the side




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