3 Steps to go from preggy belly to hot mama bod


A quick intro: I have not exercised properly in over a year. My last big run was a night half marathon trail run in the first couple of weeks when I fell pregnant. (I didn’t know I was pregnant at the time). I continued with long walks, swimming and pregnancy yoga throughout my pregnancy. Nothing extreme at all. I’m telling you this as I’m in exactly the same boat as any other mom starting her hot mama bod journey.


Globally weight loss is the No1 seller of any products whether it be a pill, a lotion or a magazine telling you how to loose the baby bod.

The one thing I know for sure is that you will not have sustainable results if your mindset is on LOSING WEIGHT. 

Why? (Now this is the real secret) When you focus on any kind of “loss” or “stopping” or “wanting”, you actually repel your desired outcome. If you want to stop smoking for instance, you should not focus on “stop smoking” but rather focus on “living healthy”. Similar to getting the body you desire, you should not focus on that what you want to get rid of, but rather the end product. So instead of thinking “I want to loose weight”, think “I am on my way to getting the hottest body and I’m getting there quickly”. Think “I’m getting fitter, leaner, stronger and I’m getting there quickly”. Getting your mindset right is STEP NO 1.

STEP NO2 is setting your goal. Now again, you shouldn’t try and be a specific weight as your total weight is made up of your muscle weight, your organs and body fluids, what you ate, your skeleton, your height and then your body fat. Here is an example of what I’m talking about:


So instead of focussing on a specific body weight, find yourself a body form. For me, I love the body look of a runner/triathlete.


So that guides me to my STEP NO3.

If I train like a runner/triathlete, I will get the body of a runner/triathlete. Simple. It is really really really that simple. Choose what kind of body form do you desire and then follow that same discipline in order to create that dream body.


I have started my little journey of healing my body from pregnancy this week and I would love you to join me. Even ladies who have not been pregnant can join! I will share my exercise routines and plans with you so that you can do them too.

First thing that you will notice is that I have training sessions in the morning and in the afternoon. They are small sessions which makes up my days total work-out. One is specifically cardio training (great to boost your fitness) and the other is a strength session (excellent to build your body). I’ve made sure that we can include the little one’s so that they have an active “play” session with mom and I’m sure that you will find it fun too. The extra weight of your child will count as strength boosters. If you don’t have a child then feel free to substitute it with a weight bag or free weights.

I’ve learned about double training sessions in my triathlon days and they are fabulous to melt away those hard fatty areas by boosting your metabolism very quickly. If you can’t get to do them both, then make sure you get a variation of training sets in during your week.

Here is the schedule of our training sessions. I will post specific training plans straight to Facebook with a LIVE explanation on how you must do them.




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