The secret of healing

Healing is such a wonderful, mystical, spiritual yet scientific process. We are all wonderfully made. I personally believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit and therefor believe that healing is available to anyone who believes. But believe in healing for me is not a religious thing. Healing is for everyone and anyone no matter what you believe. Well, actually healing is directly linked to what you believe, but I’m not talking about your religious believes.

Our bodies are so beautifully designed that healing takes place every second of every day. Whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, what doesn’t work for you will ultimately diminish and what does work for you will increase. Your body naturally heals from scrapes, cuts, bruising etc and then of bigger things too. If you have been exposed to bacteria and viruses, your immune is there to fight off the badies. It is designed to do so, all you can do is to support your immune by eating healthy, sleeping well and making sure you drink lots of fluids. Medicine don’t heal you. Your body heals you, which is the power of God in you. Medicine just makes it durable to go through the process.

Laying of hands is what we do to heal others as well. Biblical scriptures tells us how the disciples did exactly that. They prayed and then laid their hands on the sick to heal them. Having done my energy healing course, we learned that exact method. You prepare the intention around what you are about to do (focus your attention in prayer) and then you lay your hands on a person and by touch, intention and innate wisdom, you guide the person in need to restore energy cycles so that the person’s own body can return to a healthy natural state.

Jesus Christ himself could not heal those who didn’t believe. With every person he came in contact with, he would ask “Do you believe?” Every person who said “yes I believe” got healed in an instance. I believe that in that instance when God spoke to them, they saw themselves perfect like he saw them and could not argue with the fact that they are perfectly made. This in itself created the platform where they got instantly healed. How we think about healing has a direct effect on the healing taking place. But that believe is also more than just believing in the actual action of returning to a certain perceived state of being. That believe is not a “hope” or a “wish”. It is a cemented uninterrupted knowing that you are healed, which starts in our spirits, filter through our minds and emotions to manifest physically. How we perceive our external has everything to do what our internal state of affairs are. So in order to change your external, your perception internally needs to shift. For some people this internal “stuck-ness” runs so deep that they themselves can’t place it. This is where we help each other as innately more and more people are becoming intuitively conscious of what is happening around and within people. And where majority of people are regarding psychosomatic healing as hocus pocus stuff, scientist like Bruce Lipton is now proving how powerful our believes are. (If this interest you, please do get your copy of Biology of believe. It is well worth the read)

Matthew 21:22 states: “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Proverbs 23:7 states: “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Your believe system is what creates your habits. Here is a explanation of how progressive your believe system designs the life you have.


Do you know how powerful, magical and wonderful YOU are? It is time to rise up and take your place dearly beloved!


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