We kick of with the Food System aka digestive system.


We have all over ate in the last couple of weeks enjoying Christmas lunches and New Years celebrations. It is a time where moderation goes out the window and we stuff ourselves with as much indulgences as possible.


This year we are going to discover beauty, hot bodies and super fitness and wellness from a complete different way. By addressing the 14 unique systems that symbiotically function to keep you going, starting off with the digestive system.


It is our favorite and also our shittiest system to discuss simply because what goes in the one side, well, it goes and sit on our hips. Many of women struggle with constipation, IBS or some form of digestive issues due to bad diet and the main contributor….STRESS. And when we are full of shit, we can be full of shit!! No jokes! I have met many people in my wellness journey that are highly strung only to find out that they struggle to let go of some “stuff” in their lives. And yes I do believe that there is a direct connection between our bowel movement and our psychological conditions. There are always a correlation between body, mind and spirit and almost every time when we look at the physical, I can spot emotional blockages that we have to deal with first in order to allow the physical to manifest health again.  But more about the hocus pocus stuff later…


The function of our digestive system is to digest and absorb valuable nutrients our bodies need to grow, recover and survive on. The objective for us is to get food to move from our mouth to our anus as quickly as possible. The speed at what this happens is called your METABOLISM. Keep notes of this as we will be dealing on how to improve and speed up the metabolism in due time.



The different parts of your digestive system is:

Your mouth: Here we need to focus to chew our food as finely as possible. Put down your cutlery after each bite and focus on chewing. The more you chew the less time your stomach will have to spend on digesting your food, which achieves our modus operandum.

Your stomach: Your chewed food moves down the oesophagus into your stomach to be digested. Eating more alkaline foods are valuable in this process as it digest a lot quicker.

Your liver (and galbladder): This valuable combo discreets bile into the stomach to help break down greasy, fatty foods. We do encourage you to not abuse this beautiful organ as you can find that through abuse that your liver can swell up in order to keep up with the high demand. Eating your green veggies, beetroot, garlic, ginger as well as turmeric will help keep your liver a happy chappy!

Your small intestines: Food moves through your 7m long small intestine with the help of peristalses. In this process valuable nutrients are absorbed into the blood capillaries in the wall of the intestine.

Your appendix: It is yet not known why we have this little organ and speculations are that it acts as a storehouse for good bacteria, “rebooting” the digestive system after diarrheal illnesses. It does form part of your immune system and therefor an important organ for sure!

Your colon (large intestine): The food waste liquid moves through the colon and water is absorbed from here to create a more soluble waste. To keep yourself hydrated all the time will allow for food waste to move easily through the colon. In cases where you are dehydrated you will find that your colon will get packed up easily.

Your rectum & anus: The last part of the process is to move through the rectum and anus. As soon as the waste pressure on the rectum, neurons are sent to the brain to say that it is time to go read a book. You can train your body by going at a specific time every day in order to make sure you stay regular.


In the next couple of weeks we will discuss more tips on how to keep this digestive system in tip-top shape as well as the emotional side of all the organs the form part of the digestive system.


Happy Monday





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