The magic of the metabolism


Early January is always the best time to sell any weight loss program. So much so that even  discipline specific magazines like “Runners World” and “Bicycling” magazines will use a big fond scrips reading something about weight loss to have their best selling moths.

It is also that time of year where the selling of gym membership peaks. Now while most people feel that weight loss start at going to gym, it is a known fact that abs are made in the kitchen. Your body contouring regime is 30% exercise and 70% eating (and definitely 100% dedication to the cause).

It is also too easy to get on a scale and see what your total weight is. Last week I posted a blog post to explain how weight on a scale means diddily squat as your body composition is what matters most and for good reason. In short it all comes down to your metabolism.

Do you know what is metabolism and what your specific metabolic rate is?

Your metabolism is the rate at which the food you eat, moves through your body, is digested and conformed to energy and that energy being used. The faster your metabolism is equal to burning fuel fast.

I believe that if you get this, your entire view on food, exercise and everything in between will change.

Your muscles combined is your engine. The food you eat is the fuel for your engine. This means that if you have a bigger engine, you will need more fuel than someone with a small engine. Many times I have been asked: “What exercises can I do to loose belly fat?” and I’m sure you are listening up expecting me to give you an serious six pack work out. WRONG. If muscles are your engine, then you want to exercise as much as possible the biggest muscles in your body. And they are your quads and glutes. (Front upper leg and bum). Plus your body doesn’t recognize “oh she is working her abs, lets burn the fat around her abs” NO! It goes “muscles need energy, lets burn fat for fuel”. So when it comes to exercise, the focus is to increase lean muscle mass that your engine can increase, which means even more fat / fuel needs to be converted into energy. When we get to the muscular system I will explain how you can increase your lean muscle mass. It is just important to understand the system so long.

Back to the kitchen (as we are on the digestive system), as mentioned abs are made in the kitchen. HOW? Well you see, when you eat a meal your body knows that it needs to start digesting it in order to create energy for the body. What most people do is they start to eat less (as the lie you believe is that if you eat less, you will loose weight). In some cases people are eating way too much to what their bodies require, but in most cases they are in a spiral of eating less and picking up weight. The body being as amazing as it is, know that when you eat less, there must be a draught or some form of distress and slows down the metabolism so that you don’t run out of fuel. (Clever hey?!) So eating less is really not helping you. Plus in most cases when people starved themselves they will binge eat on big greasy meals, which as we know have no nutritional value and is packed with sugar. (sugar is a swear word and I’ll explain soon) So even more fat is stored.

The way to increase your metabolism is as follow: Eat healthy small meals through out the day. You will find that your professional athletes will eat up to 6 meals a day. This creates a message to the body that says “you need to burn the food fast, because more is coming very soon”….and your metabolism increase. Exercise definitely increase your metabolism as more fuel is needed during and after a training session to sustain and recover your muscles.

The third very important factor to improving your metabolism is sleep! Yes, sleep actually allows for your body to recover quickly in which at the same time your body’s metabolism increase. (So you can sleep your way slimmer!)

Hip Hip hooray for the easy 1,2,3 steps of making your metabolism faster. It is really that simple.


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