Eve, Snow White and the apple

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Don’t you think that its ironic that Eve was tempted by food? Similarly that our Snow White almost died by a bite of an apple? Don’t you wonder why in both situations an apple (that is suppose to be good) was their downfall? Do you think there is a connection between these two woman and in some ways that they could be the same person? Why is it women who are being seduced and not men?

I find it fascinating that today we as women are not tempted by anything else as much as  we are tempted by food. This temptation of what we should not eat or else is running so deep in our veins and has continued throughout the ages. We know that if we are going to eat what we should not, it will eventually kill us, but we just can’t help ourselves to do so.

You see what I find even more fascinating is that in Eve’s case, she had nothing to compare it to. God said don’t, but she didn’t know any better. Have you seen the confusion  on your child’s face when they had done something wrong by your standards, but they don’t know, and you punish them?  And that is just it. We don’t know what we don’t know until we are personally faced with consequences and even then, we don’t know how we got there or how to get out.

What is fascinating about our lives and that of Eve’s is that the fall didn’t happen with chocolate cake. Oh no, it happened with an apple (fruit). Something that we would consider as healthy and in some ways necessary. And that is such a great eye opener to me. You see in today’s world it is not the obvious “bad” things that is the death trap, but its those perceived “good” stuff that will get you.

The worlds top industries are the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and topping them quickly is the wellness industry and I can tell you now it is not because of the “good” they are doing. I do believe there are a handful of wellness companies that have their ethics and values focused on the greater good for all, but where tons of money is to be made, there are always a snake (or a million) in the grass…

Take the pharmaceutical industry to start off with. 99% of all pills and thrills are there to capture you indefinitely so that you will continue to buy their product forever. Why make something that will cure you in one go? Why cure you at all? It doesn’t make business sense. I spoke to a good friend of mine who is a CEO of a profitable corporate company in South Africa and asked him what are the best ways to make money. He said: “1. Make one product that sells over and over. 2. Sell other peoples time and 3. invest in property”. The pharmaceutical industry does all three. They make a product that you need to take for as long as possible (and chronic medication is pretty much for ever), they own their own buildings, science labs, research centers and white papers and product results studies. At the same time, because of their massive funding, regulating bodies are forces to side with them in order to stay alive. They buy their time too as any regulations and processes are then subject to what the pharmaceutical industry require (not us, the people). Then comes the “snake” and tells us, don’t worry, it is meant to make you better. It is good for you. NOT….. It is about the money. Our bodies (the innate wisdom within us) is what heals us. Not drugs. All we need to do is keep our bodies healthy (with healthy food, exercise and good rest). But then we are faced with the food industry….

The food industry is riddles with genetically modifies produce. Again from a business sense this makes absolute sense. You grow crops that are genetically modified so that you can harvest more and more quickly for a much lesser cost. Now that the price on GM foods are lower, it puts pressure on the organic farmer and pretty soon they have no other choice than to join the big monster to survive. And they are swallowed into the big lie we all believe.

The big lie: If I had to ask you where does your meat, chickens and fish come from, you see in your minds eye how old Mac Donald is walking on his farm and all his (happy) farm animals are dancing around in the green fields. You most probably also believe that milk cows have milk naturally all the time. WAKE UP!!! You don’t want to know what happens to live stock. NO IN FACT YOU DO WANT TO KNOW!!! it is sickening to what our human specie is capable of. Don’t get me wrong, I love my meat, and carefully choose to eat less meat and when I do, I eat grass fed, organic and ethically farmed food sources.  Mainstream factory farming of animal produce is simply tummy churning. I’m going to leave you a link and you decide whether you want to take the blue pill and stay in wonderland or take the red pill and see what is really going on. What is factory farming . I understand that the truth hurst, but the truth will set you free!

We as humans are now fed absolute garbage. Literally. And we think we are eating healthy (remember the apple Eve ate?) We are not only fed lies about “sugar free” “fat free” fads, but what you think is wholesome foods are actually slowly killing you. Your body systems deteriorate and then you get sick. Back to the pharmaceutical industry for some pills….

Then there is the wellness industry that is seen to be over a trillion dollar industry by 2020. It is the fastest growing industry today. (And you thought it was the IT industry). More and more people are waking up to the notion that something is wrong with the system we are living in and want to do good, but has no idea firstly on how amazing their own bodies are designed, where they are at with their health, how to go about taking responsibility for their own health and what the simple steps are to health freedom. Inevitably they follow what marketing sound the best and in that moment they fall trap into the web of the trio evil brotherhood.

It is time you wake up to the truth my dearest beloved warrior princess. You need to see what is going on and start making real good choices for yourself, but also for you offspring so that we can take back the power from the fat cats that have had us blind to our own authority and ability for far too long. Its not depressing. Its liberating.

You might not believe in Adam and Eve, but I want you to just go with this and see how as women we have always been silenced and fragmented to keep us small (and not step into our true, fireball-earth shaking power we have). I want you to think about this: Eve was seduced not because she was the weaker of the two, no, it was a “if we get Eve, we definitely will get Adam” scenario. I’ve sat into so many sermons where it is told that “Adam wasn’t there to protect her…” so chauvinistic (see, women depression trickles through everywhere). As it suggest that Adam had a better relationship with God and would not have fallen for a snake. But you have to ask, why the snake didn’t approach Adam? If you had war tactics, why would you face the same battle twice? And what I mean by that is, if you  know that you can take out the main king pin and the rest will follow, why would you do it the long way around? Feel me?

Food, like so many other things in this world has been perverted and this year is the year where we are saying enough is enough. Don’t be blinded by what these corporations (and sources) are hiding. We are wonderfully made and we have more power and ability than what you can ever imagine. THAT IS THE TRUTH. I strongly believe that God is calling us to not only believe and trust in the innate wisdom within us, but understand that this earth is a better place when we take up our rightful place as victories over these belittling and suppressing “man” made establishments.



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