Your gut is your power


We have 7 different energy points in and around our body. Each of these points represents not only a certain aspect of you, but helps you in a spiritually, emotionally and physical level when it is in balance (when energy moves strongly through it).


Your gut is not only known as your second brain (Your second brain) but also the area where your third chakra, the solar plexus chakra resides. It is represented by the color yellow and aligned with your solar plexus glands. (Each chakra is aligned an hormonal gland interestingly enough).


Your solar plexus chakra represents your personal power (and your perception of). This means that if you are in a situation where you feel like you have no power (even if that is just your perception) it will show up in your gut. Flow of energy stagnates right here and you will very soon have either IBS or other gut issues.

According to Christiane Northrup, M.D., the following questions can help to guide you to spiritually heal your gut.

  • Are you afraid of responsibility?
  • Or, conversely, do you feel you need to be responsible for everyone and everything all of the time?
  • Do you respect yourself?
  • Do you confidently make changes, for example, to your hairstyle, and feel good — even if others are critical?
  • Are you in a relationship with someone out of fear of being alone? Do you constantly seek approval of others? If so, why?
  • Are you afraid to take care of yourself?
  • What might happen?
  • Are you critical of others?
  • Do you often blame others for your own problems?
  • In general, do you feel good about your home? Your body? Your relationships?


Healing is as much spiritual, energetic, emotional as what it is physical. If you have been struggling with your gut for ages, maybe it is time to take a new approach.


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