System no 2 : Integumentary



Your integumentary system is the biggest organ you have in your body. Strangely we don’t think of our skin as an organ and definitely don’t give it the love it deserves.

To have beautiful skin is also as much what you do to the skin (from the outside in) as what you do with the skin (from the inside out). Problematic skin is linked to hormonal imbalance, dietary shortages and too little fresh water.

As the human sapiens we are also the only specie on earth that sweat through our skin, which has many benefits. The function of sweat is part to cool us down as well as to rid toxins from the body. As previously explained, everything is linked in your body and especially the digestive system will speak its mind on your skin. What I mean by this is that if you are struggling with any digestive issues, that you will notice it on your skin. Similarly with your liver, if you have a shortage in red blood cells, your skin will become more yellow (Jaundice). Your skin is the magnifying glass to everything that happens below the service which changes the topic of skin care to focus on health care in order to achieve beautiful, soft, silky, youthful skin.


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