What your skin reveals about you


Did you know that your skin could tell you exactly what is going in in the rest of your body? And you thought you could hide your secrets to the world. Think again, as everything you are hiding is right there on your face.


Similarly to reflexology, your skin reveals exactly what is going on with you from the inside. This means that if you are struggling with digestive issues, that is would manifest as a sign to take care of on your skin. Your entire face is laid out with a geographical map of what is going on in the inside, and don’t think it stops at only the physical.


Your emotional and psychological life is also presented on your face. As most of your organs in the physical has a function, it also carries consciousness and that same organ can show up on your face when you are going through something emotionally. Let say for instance you are struggling with anger, signs of it will show up in the area where your liver is represented on your face. It is both, fascinating as well as scary when you begin to realize that you are carrying your inside on the outside… literally.


This is the main reason why your skin regime has to be as much what you put into your skin as to what your put onto skin.


Lets all become a little more aware about our outside world reflecting our inside world and make the necessary changes in order to make a sustainable and real change to our lives.


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