What it means to wear your femininity


Growing up I was never a flowery, lacy, pretty bows kind of girl. I’ve always been the tight pants, crop top, pony tail kind of girl. Out of school I had more guy friends than girl friends and I somehow found the stories around the braai a lot more interesting than the chattering around the salad bowls in the kitchen. I love running, I love working hard and manifesting my end goals. I love to argue and see myself more as a warrior queen than a fairytale princess. My opinion on certain things in life (like sex as one example) is very similar to what you would hear guys would voice their opinions. What I strive for is to be a strong, resourceful, challenging-the-status-quo kind of person, and I believe I am all of that. What is the problem? Well, there are still days where I get to wear the pants, just now it is throwing out the equilibrium in my household.


As mentioned in one of me previous post, I’m a driven person who don’t look up until I reach my end goal. 10 years ago (when I had to be the man and woman in my life) that seemed to have worked for me. Not anymore. Now the more I push, the less I achieve and things get very complicated and confusing. As soon as I let go (and just let things flow) then it all seems to fall in place. What has changed? Well for one, I married a stable, solid, confident man and our unity now allows for the masculine to live strongly in our house hold. Now the interesting thing is, as soon as I step into my masculine (FYI we all have both energies and you will be surprised at how many times society actually force us ladies to walk in the masculine) everything starts to fall apart in my household. My daughter (9 months old) becomes needy and ratty at the same time. My husband and I have these subtle stand-offs and as the gentleman he is, will always allow me to take over and bump my head. I will become super unhappy to where I find myself and then need to back track my steps until I step back into my feminine.


As moving in my feminine is not an easy thing for me to do (as I have practiced my masculine over my single years a lot more) I have to now take conscious actions to change my mind, change my outfits and even change my approach to ….. well practically to everything I do. The way I work, the way I plan my day, the way I speak and allow things to just be. I never understood the importance (and how removed I have been) of my femininity. Femininity is not celebrated, but rather seen as weak and vulnerable. Woman are empowered to be men, and yes we are freaken good at being men at times. It is almost frowned upon when you are “girly” as that is sooo yesterday! But it is all part of this new conditioning to make us forget who we are and what our true authentic authority is.


Also I know from so many talks I’ve listened to and articles I’ve read, that we are moving into the next sphere of our existence where we are moving from the masculine into the feminine as a universe. You can see it everywhere. People are becoming more aware of our collective influence. Businesses are working together rather than in competition. Companies are changing their focus to building relationships rather than cause and effect. Now remember, like with anything, masculine and feminine are energies. Its not a gender subject, its an energy. What is the difference? Everything soft, flowy and inviting are feminine. Everything hard, staccato and demanding is masculine. And the two goes hand in hand. Always.

Here are a few examples of masculine and feminine energies:



Stepping into me feminine, is one of the most challenging things I am learning about. I’m a pushy, get my way kind of gal. To step back and be patient, to let go and let flow and to be kind and gentle, wearing skirts and soft fragrances is way out of my comfort zone. And I know that for many of you this would be the same thing. But I’m intrigued. You see the female energy is inviting. Seductively inviting and more powerful than any masculine forcefulness can ever be and I want to step into that. Yes, it is most probably my masculine driving the process (of becoming powerful) but I do feel that with the feminine rising, it is time to step into the next phase and learning that our vulnerability is not a weakness, but indeed our strength.

Who is joining with me on this journey?


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