Why the bleep?


Do you ever take a step back from you life and ask yourself? “What would life be like if I just packed a small bag, not look back and just ran away…” I do. I do that all the time. It is not even because my life is so bad, in fact my life is pretty astonishing. It is pretty frikken rosy, pretty much all the frikken time. Strange that there is a sliver of curiosity… actually its more like a quarter of intrigue, that wants to know what life would be on the other side of such a extreme and destructive / adventurous life choice.

As I speak to moms, there are many that have felt they could just run away, but we don’t. For my entire life, I have listened to my mom complain about her life not being what she thought it would be. But she never ran away. She stayed. Is that a good or a bad thing? I am of the opinion that if you don’t like something (whatever it is in life), you change it. It is either that or you need to change your attitude, but complaining your entire life and staying…. wow, the thought just hits me right in the jejunum.

So why are we (well I suppose I can only speak for myself) not happy with roses, roses and more roses.

Then it shouts from deep within my Soul. It is because you are not a princess that needs saving, but a warrior queen in need of a righteous war to fight. 

I will leave you with that thought, to be continued…….

(Baby just woke up and I’m back on duty)


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