As many other people, I find it hard to tell you how wonderful I am, what my achievements are and why my expert advice should be taken over other experts. In a simple basic way, I will try and some up my awesomeness….hehehe


With over 10 years of wellness experience, I coach people on how to take a good hard look at their lives and make improvements on the areas that keep them from living life well. I’ve worked with plenty of top dogs in the field to know that my advice is sound and bring results. As a person that naturally challenge those around me and it seems to catapult drastic personal growth… in a good way of course đŸ™‚

I come from an athletic background and have done many running races, cycling races, triathlon races and I’ve done the Ironman once. I suppose I wanted to tick a box as I have not gotten myself to do it again. I have however run over 500km across Argentina for shits and giggles. Both these experiences have given me the insight of two types of preparation techniques. One is the scientific approach where you calculate carefully your every step, bite, breath and tech you use. The other is the bolsy approach as you have no frikken idea what to expect and prepare for the unknown.

I use to want to save the world, but that somehow faded away during my first two businesses. I though that I would easily inspire and motive people to eat well and exercise. It  turned out to be majority pushing, pulling and pleading people to their own wellness. Exhausting! So I changed my tack. I love helping people that want to be helped. Today I have fewer clients, but those clients are invested in their progress and I get to inspire and motivate them on a daily basis.

I’m a mom that works an online business from home. It is far better than any other job I can possibly think of, but it aint easy! Balancing being an attentive mother and a ambitious business woman is tricky, I won’t lie. I’m definitely not there yet but the journey brings interesting discoveries of self. These I share freely.